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The Persian classic production group started its activities in 2003 with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and variety of products in different colors and designs. The company aims to design and manufacture various types of electric seats , electric design chairs , haircut bowl seats on various manual and pedal models , trolley, Persian and foreign shampoo bowl with movable bowls , and etc… .

The technicians of this complex with the necessary training and experience of several years , have the ability to offer diverse and high quality products to their customers .

Major activity of this productive group is new technology and high quality and product diversity , provide warranty paper for 1 year and after-sales service for 10 years at the time of products delivery , timely delivery of goods , leading domestic and foreign markets and after-sales services and spare parts for electric chair and hairdressing equipment .

Persian classic production with various dealerships in Tehran and different cities including : Yazd - Garmsar - Dorood - Mashhad - Shirvan - Kashmar - Rasht - Mazandaran - Sari - Amol - Tabriz - Urumia - Zanjan - Saqez - Sanandaj - Kermanshah - Hamadan - Ardebil - Aligudarz - Isfahan - Paveh - Shiraz - Abadeh - Ahwaz - Khorramabad - Borujerd – Hormozgan .

This production group delivers products through freight to all the cities and within Tehran .